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How to improve your photography.

Photographic Hardware and Software

Buying cameras?
Buying accessories?
Need a repair?
Try the following for Camera Reviews...


Try the following for purchasing and selling second hand equipment...

Camera Jungle
Croydon Camera Centre pre-owned equipment (Leica specialist).

And more I.T. and Photographic Services...

Poppy IT Services computer repairs and upgrades, software and related services.
Longridge mount cutting systems for artists and photographers.
Picture Partnership for the hire of photographic studios.
Lenses For Hire for lens hire.
The Lens Lab for the hire of all camera equipment.

Infrared Photography and Camera Conversion...

The following web sites may be useful if you wish to convert your camera to Infrared. The standard 720nm is a good starting point for your investigations. This is for permanent hardware upgrades.

  Protech Repairs
  Advanced Camera Services

Once your camera is converted, you will need to convert the images you take to "proper" monochrome or false colour. The following software may help:

  Nic Software's Silver Efex Pro

Photomicrography. Photography through a Microscope...

If you wish to couple your camera to a microscope, Brunel Microscopes Ltd has microscopes with camera connectors, as well as microscopes with built-in cameras. Their SP27 model was reviewed in the January-March 2015 edition of EOS Magazine.

Free Photography Software...

There is LOTS of free software available at Let us know how you get on!

Photoshop and Photography Courses

Field Studies Council. 
Photography Courses. 
All over Britain. 
The Field Studies Council runs photography courses (as well as Art courses etc.) at many locations around Britain. Many courses demonstrate how to get the best out of digital cameras and what to do with the images afterwards. On each course, demonstrations to explain theory and practical techniques are complemented by plenty of opportunities to take your own photographs, either in the Centre grounds or on excursions to sites of interest such as local villages or nature reserves.

All courses are listed in their brochure.

If you try their courses, please let us know your experience.

Photographers Workshops, 
Eynsford based. 
The Photographers Workshops is based in Eynsford and offers Digital Photography, Photoshop Elements, Flash (Nikon and Canon), studio lighting, and courses in how to take better photographs.

If you try their courses, please let us know your experience.

Photography Courses. 
Brixton based. 
Photofusion is based in Brixton and offers Digital Photography amongst other things. Their courses include:
    Studio Portraiture
    Introduction to Studio Lighting
    Starting Digital Photography
    Intermediate DSLR
    One Day DSLR
    Retouching Skin
    Introduction to Lightroom
    High Dynamic Range Panorama Workshop others.

If you try their courses, please let us know your experience.

Found a web site showing you how to use Photoshop? Try the following:

Aviation Photography Try the following:

Found somewhere on-line to print your photographs?

Found a web site to print your photographs? I have found DS Colour Labs Ltd inexpensive and very good quality. I uploaded my images easily with their software, and received the prints a few days later. Ashley

I have heard good things about ProAm Imaging.

I obtained the following list from a survey of on-line print labs undertaken by Photography News Magazine. I have not tried them myself, so please let me know what you think:

  2020 photographic ltd



  Loxley Colour

  Print Foundry

  digitalab professional photo lab

  One Vision IMAGING LTD

  Redwood Photographic pro lab

  Colorworld IMAGING

  chaudigital Digital Imaging Solutions

  Snappy Snaps Croydon

Create your own Photo Books

Found a web site to create a professional-looking book of your photographs?   BLURB (For the interested, have a quick look at Ashley's BLURB books.)




  Jessops Photo

Want to take better photographs?

Found a web site with interesting and useful information to help you take better photographs? How to Photograph Architecture (Exterior)

How to Photograph Gardens

Landscape Photography skills explained by Tony Howell