Croydon Camera Club
Croydon Camera Club

Croydon Camera Club History 1890-1918
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The Story of
The Croydon Camera Club
A short account of its origin
and early history
Cambridge, 1950.

The following account of the foundation and early years of the Croydon Camera Club was compiled by me from the Minute Books of the Club some years ago when I went through the Books and extracted what I thought was worth recording. When completed the Story was read to the Club but it cannot be taken as recording every event since the Minute Books in the early days at any rate were not kept very well and possibly many episodes that would have interested us today were never entered. Anyhow those old Minute Books have now disappeared and can no longer be referred to but I think the following pages sum up fairly well, and as fully as it is now possible to reconstruct it, the story of the old Croydon Camera Club.