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Improve Your Web Site

What do YOU want from YOUR Club's Web Site?

Have a brilliant idea? eMail it to the Club now.

Why do YOU use this web site?
  What do YOU want to achieve personally?
    How do YOU think it could better help the club?

      It's YOUR ideas that are important.

        Here are a few thoughts to get you started.

What do you want on your Club web site?
  • Why do you use the web site at the moment? How could what you use or view be improved?
  • What would you like added? What's missing?
  • What could be made more helpful or informative?
  • Want a section for your own personal photographs?
  • Want Club news?
  • Want detailed competition rules?
  • Want competition results? (Internal and/or external)

Practicality: Is it easy to use?
  • Is it easy to navigate to find what you want?
  • Are the headings easy to read at a glance?
  • Is the information easy to read and informative?
  • Does the "What's On" calendar work well for you?

Style: Does it look inviting?

Do you like the look of the web site?
If not, what precisely don't you like, and how do you think the web site could be improved?
No arm waving and being wishy washy ! What's the answer?
  • How would you improve the colour scheme?
  • How would you improve the layout and design?

What YOU Can Add To The Club Web Site

Provide photographs. Write articles. Offer comments AND solutions.
  • Provide photographs for your own Members Gallery section.
  • For the Club News section, tell us what you have achieved.
  • Write for the Photographic Tips section.
  • Provide photographs to display as background images on key pages

See Your Own Photographs on the Web Site

Do you want YOUR photographs displayed as the background image on key pages? eMail them to me.
The technical requirements are....
  • Image Shape: Landscape is much preferred. Computer screens are invariably landscape, and are becoming increasingly wide-screen.
  • Image Pixel Size: The bigger the better to achieve best image quality. I'll trim them to fit, for you.
  • Image File Size: As long as you can eMail them; some eMail systems have upper size limits. The bigger the better to achieve best image quality. I'll trim them to fit, for you.
  • Image Quality: Need to be of excellent quality; no colour cast, in focus. MAKE THEM EXCITING !!
  • The File Name: Use your name and the name of the photograph. That way nothing gets lost, and you get the full credit.
  • Image Information: I'll need your name, and the name of the photograph; for the credits.
  • Send Them: eMail me your original and I'll make it fit the web page for you. This option is easier on both you and me! I'll delete the original when I'm done. Otherwise, your finalised image.

Let us know YOUR ideas.
Discuss them with Club members.