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Croydon Camera Club

Members Photographs

The descriptions for each of these Members Photographs are taken from the labels adhered to each photograph.

There are lots of interesting and intriguing photographs in the archive. These are a few which stood out. They show history at its finest.

All these photographs were taken by club members. The club still retains the original glass plates.

Actor in character, 1929 'Titre De Sojet', 'The Actor - In Character'. Photographed by John Erith MPPA. It was exhibited at the  XXIV Salon International Salon D'Art Photographique, Paris, in October 1929.

Fleet Street, London, 1900 Photographed by H G Dorrett.

Ladysmith Parade for the Boer War, 1901 Return from Ladysmith Parading down Victoria Street, London, outside the engineers building (now demolished).

Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee, 1897 Queen Victoria arriving at the Mansion House (residence of the Lord Mayor of London) for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Note the skyline dominated by St Pauls.

St James's Palace Council Chamber, 1890 Albumin contact print, photographed by Bedford Lemare.

Stop me and buy one, 1930s Photographed by A E Witty. Note John Keane next to the icecream man.

Waterworks Repairs, 1892 Repairs to East London Waterworks, 300 feet below ground. Photograph by H Bedford Lemare.

World War 2 'Birth of Freedom' Bell for Berlin, made in Croydon The bell is made by Gillet and Johnston Ltd, Tower Clockmakers, Croydon.

"Yorkshire Crackpot" The photograph is probably taken by Harold Stillwell. Date unknown. The location is near Keld, Swaledale.
Those involved are Clifford Milbarrow, Rita Stillwell, Alan Richards, and Milford Sanders.