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Your Legal Rights
Ever been told...
"You can't take pictures here. Copyright... Security..."?
So, where do you stand?
This excellent guide will inform you of Your Legal Rights.
Police Stop And Search
People can be suspicious for many reasons, and the mere presence of a photographer can be too much for some! If you are confronted by the police, what are their Stop And Search powers? Here is the Guidance issued to Police officers and staff regarding stop and search policy. Here is specific photography advice from the police.
The Right To Privacy
There are no privacy laws in the UK. However, there are limits of common courtesy which you should adhere to, and which you should expect from others. Rules and guidance are outlined by the Press Complaints Commission code of practice.
Legal Pathfinders for Photographers
SceneThat states "SceneThat is a website for UK photographers. We hope that you'll find that this site makes it easier for you to find the truth instead of the urban myths that plague our lives regarding photography and the law. We actively campaign to protect and promote photographers' rights, and challenge those people in authority who blindly attempt to restrict our freedoms to take photographs."

Shopping at Blue Water
A little help for those who would like to photograph at Blue Water. Contact the Blue Water Photography Unit, and enjoy your day of photography.
The National Trust
Photography is permitted at the The National Trust, but only within the grounds and gardens; not within the buildings.
The British Museum
Get a tripod permit from the information Desk.
Photography with flash, as well as video recording, is permitted in most galleries for private purposes only, using hand-held equipment. For enquiries and professional filming, contact the Broadcast Unit.
Kew Gardens
Get a tripod permit from the information Desk.
Permission is required for any photography needing a tripod in the glasshouses. Also any painting there requiring an easel. Both are possible only on weekdays. See Kew's Regulations for more information.
The Corporation of London
The Corporation of London owns many properties around London, and is a keen supporter of photography. Indeed, they have run photographic competitions with excellent cameras as prizes. If you wish to gain additional personal or commercial permission, contact the Film Officer at their Public Relations Office.
The Natural History Museum
Photography at the Natural History Museum is encouraged. You can take photographs and videos for personal use in the Museum.
Canary Wharf
To photograph freely at Canary Wharf, which is privately owned, contact the Press Office for security clearance. You can take photographs and videos for personal use, and even use a tripod. They can be contacted on +44 (0)20 7418 2345.