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'Harry Gordon Dorrett, Also Taking Part', by Ralph Rimmer
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Who is Mr H G Dorrett?

This biography of Harry Gordon Dorrett was written by Ralph Rimmer in 1992. It is © Ralph Rimmer.

Harry Dorrett was regarded as one of the very best technical photographers and lantern slide makers in London. Dorrett was listed in Kelly's Wandsworth Directories (1896; 1897; 1898) as a photographer with a studio at Clapham Junction.

On April 1st 1899, he became partners in a photographic business venture with his friend, Paul Martin.

He was elected as member of the Royal Photographic Society in 1936.

In 1946 Croydon Camera Club admitted lady members and, on the 9th October of that year, associates Nettie Moon and Harry Dorrett were admitted together to the membership. His rise in the club was 'meteoric'. In 1948 he was elected Vice-President which Pickford considered a remarkable achievement for a member of only two years standing.

Dorrett should be recognised as the representative of all those professional photographers of high technical ability who maintain reliably superior standards throughout their careers. In Dorrett's case it was for sixty years.