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Soiree 1899

The Soiree was held on the 24th October 1899, at the Art Gallery, Croydon.

Given that Victorian men considered ladies had no place in society so it is all the more remarkable that two years later at the Third Annual Exhibition Soiree on 24th October 1899 there was a lantern lecture on "The Cities and Sights of Spain" by Mrs E. Main. It was an achievement in itself to have travelled so far, but a lady? And with a camera? This lady had twice had conferred the RPS medal for her accomplished rendering of Alpine scenery and her lecture "Mountaineering from a Woman's Point of View" given to the Club on 16th November 1898 drew a crowded and enthusiastic audience. But such accomplishments did not alter the Club's resolve that Ladies were there by invitation and to sing songs and make tea, even though there was nothing in the Rules (then) to preclude Ladies joining.

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