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Dr Mees
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Charles Edward Kenneth Mees was born at Wellingborough Northants, on the 26th of May 1882. He was schooled at St Dunstan's College, Catford.

From 1906 to 1912, Dr Mees was a partner as well as Managing Director of Wratten & Wainwright, of Croydon, and it was during this period that he Joined the Croydon Camera Club of which he was a Life Member right up to his death.

Head of Kodak

In 1912 he joined George Eastman at the American Kodak Park Works, Rochester, N.Y. to organise the Research Laboratory. After becoming Director of Research and Development be became a Director of the company in 1923, and in 1934 be became Vice-President.

Some of Dr Mees' Awards

In 1908 Dr Mees received the Silver Medal of the Royal Society of Arts, and in 1934 he again received the same award. In 1910 Dr Mees was elected Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society, and in 1926 he was created an Honorary Fellow. In 1913 he was awarded the Society's Progress Medal for his researches, discoveries, and publications in the physics and chemistry of photograph. In 1952 he received the Progress Medal for the second time under the same terms, and thus he become the first individual in the history of "The Royal" to gain their highest distinction twice.

American Ties

In 1950 Dr Mees assumed American citizenship and was elected Member of the National Academy of Sciences.

He died in Honolulu on Monday the 15th of August 1960 at the age of 78.