Croydon Camera Club
Croydon Camera Club

Club Members of Note

Portraits of Club Members

As far as we are aware, the portraits of these club members were taken by fellow club members. A possible exception is the John Keane Memorial Dinner.

Howard M King in his studio. Photographed 1909 Howard King was a member from 22 January 1913 to 9th September 1953. He was a professional photographer with his own studio, Howard King Photographers, in Croydon.

Dr C E K Mees. Copy from a stereo print, pre 1912 Dr Mees is "one of the greats" in photography. At Kodak Park Works, Rochester, N.Y. he organised the Kodak Research Laboratory. After becoming Director of Research and Development be became a Director of the company in 1923, and in 1934 be became Vice-President.
There are many documents and photographs here concerning Dr Mees. For a quick overview of Dr Mees' life and work, his Orbituary provides an excellent summary.

Archie Hanford, circa 1936. Photographed by John Erith

Mr and Mrs I D Wratten at CCC Exhibition, 1951 When Wratten and Wainwright was bought by Kodak, its founder, I. D. Wratten, who was also a Croydon member, became a director of Kodak in this country. (Dr Mees went on to set up the Kodak Research Laboratories in the United States, before finally becoming a Kodak vice-president.)
He was also President of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS).
The current annual "Wratten Lecture" is named after him.

(above) The John Keane Memorial Dinner, 11 April 1959 The Club benefitted substantially from generous gifts from John F Keane (pictured). His father, also John Keane and in whose honour the dinner was held, was first elected Club President in 1916 and again in 1919, which position he held till 1944, except for two years (1931-32).

Harold Stillwell (retiring President) congratulating Miss Daphne Petchey ARPS on becoming the first Lady President. 26 May 1971 Harold Stillwell first became Club President at the AGM on 22nd May 1967, at which the annual subscription was increased to £3, and was re-elected President for several more terms over the years. At the AGM in May 1980, he was elected an Honorary Life Member.